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CertiEye®, the latest development from Infotoo International Ltd, is a sophisticated security labelling system that has been developed to protect your Intellectual property. The small printed mark, enables product authentication and anti counterfeiting checks to be carried out by your field officers and even your retail customers, using their smart phone and the CertiEye® app. For a closer look at the system, browse the videos below.

Versatile Security Labelling

CertiEye® is very flexible and versatile, as it can also provide the brand owner with the ability to carry out grey market targeting, online branding protection, targeted promotion and market engagement. Upon scanning a product, data such as proof of authenticity, product model, purchase location and region are all feed back to the Brand Owners platform, providing immediate and important information which they can respond to accordingly.
Label security system supplier in Auckland
Free smartphone app

Free Smartphone App 

The free app is easily downloaded on to most smart phones, enabling customers to verify in just a few seconds that they are purchasing a genuine product. Practically any product can be protected by CertiEye®, including food, fashion clothing, wine, pharmaceuticals or any high value commodity. 

Please contact us to ask for more specific information about CertiEye® and how your product will be protected in the future.

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